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What warranty do I get on a Refurbished Photocopier?
 You will get a 6 month limited warranty on your photocopier. The warranty is limited to manufacturer defects, and does not include parts as a results on normal wear and tear. This includes a free 3 months full service provided the copier is returned to our Service centre in Hamilton House.


I don't live in Nairobi, can you deliver to other parts of Kenya?
Yes, the reason we don't offer online purchasing for customers away from Nairobi is because of the unreliable statutory fees offered by courier companies. Therefore, we can still take your order, liase with courier companies and get the exact amount for the goods based on weight and dimensions. This is exactly the cost we will alert you off before agreeing on sending the goods.


Will compatible or remanufactured toners spoil my printer?   

Absolutely not. In fact, many dealers who sell originals might try and deter you from buying compatible toners as it is not in their interests to sell them, however compatible / re-manufactured toners are sold all over the world. Google and see for yourself.

We have partnered with the top rated after-market factory in the world to bring you toners that have extremely low defective rates (and by that we mean, 1 in 200 toners might be defective i.e. print smudges / lines etc). However, we offer an immediate replacement in the unlikely event this happens. Rest assured though, it is highly unlikely to happen


Which is the best copier between Kyocera / Canon and Ricoh?
All are great brands, and each has its own strengths. We do not prefer one over the other, and it is really up to the customers needs and preference.

What is the difference between Genuine / Compatible or Re-manufactured Toners & Cartridges?

Generally referred to as OEM (Original Equipment Manufactuers) toners. For example, if you own a Canon printer, the Original toner would be manufactured by Canon. And of course, they would encourage you to buy their own branded product.

A compatible ink or toner cartridge is a brand new cartridge manufactured from scratch produced by a third party manufacturer. In our case, we sell ColourSoft and Calidad compatibles. Our compatibles are manufactured to the highest standards, which often exceed the original product. All our compatible ink and toner cartridges are fully guaranteed and if you are not completely satisfied with their performance you get your money back. Terms & Conditions may apply

A remanufactured ink cartridge is a previously used cartridge, which has been reprocessed (cleaned, refilled and electronically tested) by a third party manufacturer. Re-manufactured cartridges are usually seen as being green, as whatever can be recycled can reduce the production of harmful materials to the environment. Once again, If you are not completely satisfied with their performance you get your money back. Terms & Conditions may apply

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