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Infrastructure, Networking & CommunicationNetworking is an essential business tool, which facilitates computer communications across countries and between continents. However, the proliferation of diverse LAN (Local Area Network) has lead to many businesses operating a collection of products that fail to harness the true benefits of networking such as economies of shared software, hardware and improved communications within the company and externally.

Working closely with customers Supazealz provides a deeper understanding of the role and importance of networking in their organization, especially important when taking the first steps towards a networked organization. We offer a number of network design services which can be tailored to meet customer needs, these include:-

LAN Design

For business organizations considering implementing network technology, Supazealz works with the concerned organization to identify and address business issues. We help in planning, designing, building and maintaining a multi vendor data network that meets the organizations’ immediate and future needs.

Network Management

This is an essential process in ensuring high network availability and control as the business changes in size and complexity. Through analysis of the network environment, Supazealz then defines the necessary tools needed to manage the network. Guidelines and procedures for automation of management processes are also developed to aid the customer in managing the network.

Network Survey, Mapping and Optimization

For business organizations whose networks have evolved to an ad-hoc basis without configuration documentation, Supazealz produces an analysis of network topology, configuration, protocols and typical traffic flows. This gives the customers full understanding of their network. Following this detailed on-site analysis, we advice how to optimize operations to meet current and future needs.

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