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Supazeals offers a range of maintenance and support options ranging from comprehensive service packages to stand alone services. Our service packages are flexibly designed to suit the need of our customers.

Client’s involvement and consultation aids mutual agreement on project deliverables, performance standards and time scales. This ensures a smooth rollout, minimum disruption to business and an end result that meets agreed objectives.


Bundled Services

This is a complete on- site support package to ensure maximum up time. Hardware and software support plus software updates and consulting make this an excellent choice for networks running a critical application. A site survey is required before signing up for the one year contract term. Customized packages are available which include 24 hour, 7 days per week coverage. Features:

  1. Onsite maintenance by Supazealz systems engineers
  2. Guaranteed response within 2 hours, Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 Pm for areas within the designated Supazeals area.
  3. Hotline support
  4. Consulting


Expedited Hardware Repair Service

For customers who maintain their own equipment this unbundled service covers hardware and guarantees that the failed equipment will be repaired and returned within 7 days of receipt by Supazealz Ltd. If the unit cannot be repaired, Supazeals will advice the client accordingly within the same period and then, upon the clients’ authority, replace it with a comparable product. The contract time is 1 year and there is no minimum contract value. No advance exchange, technical support or software updates are included. Services rendered will then be billed.


Time and Materials

This is ideal for customers who want to purchase trouble – shooting and repair services on and as required basis. Supazeals will offer time and materials response within a commercially reasonable time frame. There is a 4-hour minimum charge that includes travel time.

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